Its India VS West Indies. Who will be the Top 4????

After seeing couple of Matches, the race for 4th spot is looking in high demand with 5 teams competing to win the spot.

WI should win all the matches to go to semis.

SL Should win two matches out of 3 and other results should go in their way.

In a scenario where India will win all their remaining matches, then these two matches will be very crucial

England VS NZ

And Pakistan Vs Bangladesh.

  • If England Wins NZ and Pakistan win Bangladesh, then

NZ and Pakistan will go ahead to semis. (If Pakistan wins against Afghanistan)

  • If England Lost to NZ and Pak win Bangladesh, then

NZ and Pakistan will go ahead to Semis.

  • If England Lost to NZ and Pak lost to Bangladesh, then

NZ and Pakistan will go to semis.

  • If England Wins Against NZ and Pak lost to Bangladesh

England and NZ will go to semis.

So if India wins all matches, England, the hosts will have only chance to get into semis where they should win against NZ and Bangladesh should win against Pakistan.

Or else

Its mostly NZ and Pakistan are looking like they will be in top 4.

About today’s Match…

Its India VS West Indies. With Yesterday’s NZ vs Pakistan match, India is the only team which does not have any loss till now. But when compared to other countries, we have played just 5 matches and most of the countries played 2 matches more than us.

India are in comfortable position to reach top 4 and they need to win one game and they will be into top 4. On the other hand, WI have  3 points but couple of very close matches which could have gone WI way and they could have ended with 7 points. So, we cannot take WI easy by seeing their points.

India should go with same team as last match, but I feel they may do one change if Bhuvi is fit. One change I want to see badly in the Indian team is Jadeja comes in final XI which gives more strength to batting but at the same time we are going against the best middle order spinners. But the way Kuldeep looks in last two matches, Jadeja may come in place of Kuldeep.

Still no 4 position is not confirmed. Shankar played well in the last innings, but India need a big partnership or one who can play long innings if top order fails. India may give one more chance to Shankar at this point of time and may push Dhoni or Jadhav in the remaining matches. One of them should move to 4th and Shankar bat below. Dhoni or Jadhav will be perfect to that position as they can play long innings without giving wickets.

Bowling looks strong with Bumrah and wrist spinners. Either Shami or Bhuvi who ever will play, they are in good form and no worries on bowling side.

When comes to WI, it’s all their top order and their big hitting lower order. If they two fire on the same day, then it will be difficult for India to control.  All eyes will be on Gayle and Brathwaite. Without Russell, it will be a challenge for the middle order to boost the run rate against wrist spinners.

Last time the match was washed away here and this time the predictions says there will not be much rain.

So, we have to wait and see whether we will see the batting guns will score or the bowling arms score. Seeing last 2 to 3 matches, this WC is turning towards bowlers where 230 to 240 looks challenging to chase.

ALL THE BEST to INDIA and they will add 2 more points to the table and will confirm their berth in Semis.

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