First Loss for Men in Orange. England bowlers are the match winners.

It was the first defeat for Indian team in 2019 world cup and 3rd defeat in last 3 world cups. Yes it’s a big score to chase in a World cup match. When we are chasing a big score, the first 10 overs during power play is very important and need to bring that required run rate down. This didn’t happen in Indian innings and in turn they just scored 28 runs in first 10 overs. This is the first step where we lost the game.

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Even 10 to 20 overs phase was also slow with just 55 runs. When you are chasing a big score and scored just 28 runs, it was expected that they will increase the pace in next 10 overs but the second phase of the innings is also slow with just 55 runs. It was very important to score in first 10 overs as one wicket in the middle will slow the pace. So whatever we scored at the start should give that buffer to the middle overs where batsman need to look at 6 runs and keep wickets. But due to first low 20 overs, the run rate was climbing up the hill.

It was last 10 overs where they need to score 100 runs which is not a big score in this modern era. However, we need couple of big overs. Hardik and Dhoni tried but England bowlers are too good and they didn’t leak any runs.

When Pandya got out, the required run rate was almost 15 runs per over in last 4 to 5 overs. This is the phase where all Indians are shocked to see the way Dhoni and Jadhav played. They didn’t look to hit big and score boundaries. They were happy to push singles and just rotate the strike. No one understood the logic of that singles, even Ganguly in the commentator box was shocked to see that approach.

Dhoni played well and he played like Pandya and both scored at 185 strike rate. Dhoni scored 42 of 31 balls at 185 strike rate. It’s a good innings but why he was ok with singles in last 2 to 3 overs, if he could have tried for a big shot and get single, that’s fine but both didn’t look for a big shots at all till 50th over.

Did the wicket slowed down too much that they were not able to hit big. The England completely removed the pace and all the fast bowlers bowled slow balls and that can be one of the reason? Did they want to keep the run rate intact and as the run rate will go down if they loose couple of wickets at the end as only bowlers to follow. This can be the reason as run rate play a crucial role in such a  tournament and can decide the positions in top 4. Only the players who played on that pitch can answer these. India lost the match but as an Indian fan, it was a big disappointment to see them batting like that, with lack of intensity to match the run rate in the first 20 by Virat and Rohit and in last 5 by MSD and Jadhav

Kuldeep came into the attack during 10 to 20 overs phase but didn’t look threatening. Pandya, Kuldeep and Chahal bowled during 10 to 20 overs and went for lot of runs which is not the normal scenario for India during middle overs. 10 to 20 overs phase resulted in 98 runs and most important thing is without a wicket.

Jason Roy and Bairstow completed their half centuries and looked very strong and the score looks like England will reach 370 to 390. In the first ball of 23rd over, Jason Roy went for a big short towards long on and Jadeja took a blinder at the boundaries. As soon as after the fall of wickets, Virat bought back Bumrah to pick wickets but that didn’t happen.

England reached 202 in 30 overs with a single wicket in wickets column which really worried India. None of the bowlers except Bumrah looked dangerous and the batsman are not in trouble at any moment during first 30 overs.

Shami bought into the attack and he got back to back wickets in 32nd  and 34th over. In 32nd  over, Shami got Bairstow, where Pant caught him on deep point. In 34th over, it was a top edge from Morgan bat and straight to Jadhav.

England entered the last 10 overs with 245 score on the board with just 3 wickets on the board. Ben stokes and Root looked dangerous at the middle.

In 45th over, it was Shami again where this time it was a super running catch by Pandya and Root back in pavilion. But Stokes on the other hand looked dangerous and scoring above 100 strike rate.

It was Shami who gave India break whenever they needed and picked wickets and at the same time , he is  the one who leaked runs in last 10 overs. In last 6 overs, they scored 50 runs out of which 34 came from Shami and 16 runs from Bumrah. If Shami could have controlled at that phase, it would have been a different game.

310 is much better than 338. We could not ask more from shami as he picked important wickets in the middle. The only weak point is his death bowling which kept him away from ODI format from long time. But since he came back into the team, he bowled well. Hope he will continue the same in coming matches as runs in last 5 to 6 overs always decide the match.

It was a flat wicket with no assistance to spinners and fast bowlers with short boundaries on one side which suited the England style of batting and England reached 337 at the end of 50.

It looks like Indian management need to think once again after the match, yes its not good to change the winning XI but team should change according to the pitch and batting conditions. On a flat wicket with short boundaries, where wrist spinners are little risky. They could have gone with Jadeja who varies pace and throw quick balls at the batsman.  On a batting track, its expected England will score big or chase easily with their strong batting lineup. So Jadeja inclusion could have given a batting depth as well.

Indian batting started as expected as they started playing cautiously once again. Rohit and Rahul didn’t look comfortable at the middle and Rahul lacks timing in most of his shots and yielded in dot balls. In last 5 matches, India started slowly but they kept rotating the strike and scored atleast 4 to 5 run rate. But this time England bowling was so good as Woake bowled 3 maiden overs in first 5 overs.

In 3rd over Rahul gave a catch to bowlers itself when he tried to play leg side and got an edge. Woakes provided first break to England which was a crucial wicket.

Kohli walked in and Rohit-Kohli started to lead the partnership. The England team was too good with their line and length and Kohli – Rohit didn’t look comfortable at all in the middle. They scored just 28 runs in first 10 overs that too in powerplay and they recorded the lowest powerplay total in the WC.

India reached just 83 runs at the end of 20 overs at a run rate of 4.15. By end of 20 overs the required run rate reached 8.5 which is a big thing to maintain 8.5 runs in 30 overs. Understand that they played of the new ball in first 10 overs but Kohli and Rohit didn’t look to accelerate the innings in 11 to 20 overs as well as they just scored 55 runs in that phase. Except 4 overs, remaining 6 overs yielded 16 runs at 2.6 run rate. Although Kohli reached his half century, Rohit looked little out of touch.

India reached 152 at the end of 30 overs where they scored 69 runs in 20 to 30 overs which is not a good score at all when first 20 overs resulted in just 83 runs. In 29th over Kohli tried to cut the ball and gave a easy catch to Vince at backward point. One more 50 for Kohli but didn’t touch 3 figures for the 5th time in this WC.

Pant came out and looked rusty in couple of overs where he tried for quick runs and almost got run out twice. Once his nerves cool down, he started his innings and played some good shots and supported Rohit in the middle. Rohit after his 50 looked good and started finding his time. At the end of 30 the required run rate was 9.09 which kept on increasing.

In 35th over, Rohit reached his Century which is a crucial innings but looked slow compared to his other centuries.

In 36th over, he tried for a big shot and gave a catch to wicket keeper in Woakes bowling.  It was 10.30 required run rate at the end of his wicket.

In 39th over, Pant tried to hit the ball on leg side and Woakes took a stunning catch at the boundary which can be the turning point of the match. Hardik and Pant looked good and started to increase the pace of the innings.

Dhoni walked in with huge expectations where India needed 104 of last 10 overs with only Jadhav to follow. It’s a big task on 3 of them(Hardik, Dhoni and Jadhav). Hardik tried his best, hitting every ball and scoring at a very good run rate. Dhoni took 3 balls to settle and after that he looked good by rotating the strike and giving to Hardik.

Pandya got out in 45th over for a well made 45 of just 33 balls. At the end of this wicket, the required run rate climbed to 14.20 which is nearly an impossible task for any batsman.

Dhoni and Jadhav scored 38 runs in last 5overs which became the talking point once again. They both tried to take singles from 46 to 49 instead of looking for big shots. Didn’t understand the logic of those singles. They tried to big hit in 50th over but that was too late. Dhoni scored 42 of 31 balls and he hit the only six in Indian batting. On any day 42 of 31 balls is a good score but if he could have tried to hit instead of those singles in two overs, it would have been a great innings.

Overall, we cant say India batted too badly, it was England bowling which needs to be given credits. They bowled with a great plan and never gave any room to any batsman. Post match, KP said it looked like wicket slowed down in the second innings and can be one of the reason where the batsman didn’t look to score big.

Whatever it is, India could have tried to increase the run rate in first 20 overs and also instead of singles, they could have gone for hitting. But due to slow start in first 20 runs, it was too late and we almost lost by 45th over where we need 15 runs per over.

England won by 31 runs and kept their WC hopes alive. So, this result made next two matches more important.

England Vs NZ

England Vs Bangladesh

If England wins against NZ, then England will go to semis irrespective of Bangladesh and Pakistan result.

If England wins, Pakistan and Bangladesh will end their hopes to reach semis.

If England lost to NZ, then they need to wait for the result of Pakistan and Bangladesh match.

If Pakistan wins over Bangladesh and England lost to NZ, then Pakistan will go to Semis.

If Bangladesh wins over India and Pakistan and England lost to NZ, the Bangladesh will go to semis.

Hard Luck India. See you all in Tuesday – India Vs Bangladesh.

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